Finnsheep is an endangered original breed. Due to its excellent fertile nature it has been exported to over 40 countries, where the very soft and shiny, middle-fine curly wool is highly appreciated. This wool is even considered as equal to cashmere. The characteristic colours of the breed that make the wool of Finnsheep especially fine are different shades of brown, natural black, grey and the most usual  colour white.

Fine Finnwool, FFW

A three-year project on wool of Finnsheep was established in 1998, as a part
of the European Fine Fibre Network. During this project selected wool was developed to create Finnsheep fine wool, FFV, where the quality of wool is at its best. Lanolin, the original fat of wool, has been preserved in the  product. This keeps the wool vibrant and clean. The wool feels warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.

The raw wool comes from co-operation of Finlands sheep farms in the archipelago and West Coast. In making BjörnOlav products we only use FFV-yarn, which is a clean, breathing, and natural material.